Terms and Conditions

General Information

  • Due to regulatory requirements, we will only send plants abroad (out of Malaysia) under the following terms:
  1. Order are sent to us (Only for Wholesale- please refer to Option 1, or Option 2 you can preorder for Pickup or delivery in any show we attend -check out showlist for details)
  2. We will confirm your order and send you an invoice
  3. Payment shall be made in advance
  4. We will make applications for CITES and related permits
  5. Check if you require and obtain the relavant Import Permit and documents from your country
  6. Upon approval, your order will be send

Option 1: Order and Air Freight directly from Malaysia

If you ship directly from Malaysia (Our main nursery) you will need an import permit.  This option is only feasible if you are wholesaling ,as the cost is very high. For example : Freight to USA will cost about USD 400-500 per box (one box will hold typically about 300-400 plants). Custom Clearance in USA will cost another USD 450 (estimated). Documentation Charges for CITES is USD 50 per piece (10 variety per CITES) and USD 30 Per Phytosanitory Certificate (Per shipment) . We shall also charge a minimum Handling charges.

Shipping & Handling

  • Shipping and handling will be bourn by the buyer. The buyer is also responsible on the insurance of his/her order, if required
  • Unless otherwise instructed, all plants will be shipped bare root or mounted on coconut fiber.
  • Shipping and Handling quotes are based on Air Freight charges provided the Freight Agent and the respective airlines.
  • Air cargo is recommended as the safest and most expedient means of transport for all plant shipment. All consignments will be insured (where insurance is available) unless we are otherwise instructed. Shipments that move without insurance or those traveling in less than full-insured value will do so at the buyer’s risk. Special instruction, if required, must accompany each order and will be billed accordingly.

Option 2: Pre-order from an Orchids Show we will be attending

For Pickup at the show, you only need to pay for the plants you are ordering (no International shipping charges or documentation charges) and we accept Cash, Check and Credit Card

For Delivery from the show site, you only need to pay for the plants you are ordering + USPS Priority Mail Charges(for US customer), DHL (for Europe customer). No International shipping charges or documentation charges and we accept Paypal & Credit Card

No minimum quantity for Pre-order.


Quantity Discount

Quantity discount is extended to all our valued customer at the following rates:

Order amount Discounts
USD 300 – USD 500 10%
USD 501 – USD 1000 15%
Above USD 1000 20%

For Bulk Order (Minimum order of 30 Varieties with each variety no less than 3 pieces), kindly Contact Us for Special Bulk Sale Price and discount. (ruey@aaorchids.com)



Payment should be made before shipment unless credit has been established. All prices quoted are F.O.B. Penang, Malaysia. Payment can be prepaid by Paypal  @ ben@aaorchids.com

or bank transfer to the following account:

Malaysia Account

Account Name:  OOI LENG SUN ORCHIDS Nursery & Laboratory
Account No:      557 250 060 626



Alternatively, please contact us if otherwise.

  • All offerings are subjected to availability. We reserve the rights to withdraw any offering from sales, and to limit quantities. Prices are subjected to changes without notice.
  • This catalog supercedes all other catalogues, which may be distributed prior.
  • Our liability, in all instances, is limited to the purchase price of the plants.



Damaged Shipment

  • We guarantee that each order at time of shipment is top quality: is in prime condition when packed, is packed properly, and will reach our customers in good, live, growing condition unless the carrier is at fault.
  • We guarantee delivery in good condition if our air shipment reaches its destination within the usual maximum air travel time to any point in the world and if the shipping carton has not been damaged by the carrier’s mishandling.
  • Whenever the carrier fails to make timely delivery or mishandles our carton, report damaged shipments IMMEDIATELY to the delivering carrier and file your claim. Request an inspection and retain all packaging materials for the inspector to examine. In any event, advise us of your action so we will be able to provide full reasonable support in your recovery effort.


Winter Shipment

  • In most cases we can ship safely by air all year. However, it is advisable, for cold areas, that you order be held by us to be shipped when the weather permits. There will be no additional charges for this service and it ensures that you will be able to obtain the plant items you want.
  • We discourage shipments to cold areas from periods of December to February of the following year.
  • Should you consider it necessary for shipment during these months, you must assume all liability, in writing, prior to shipment.


Size Substitution

  • It is impossible to keep orchid plants size stationery while they were catalogued. Because of this, the nursery shall reserve the rights to substitute sizes of plants in filling orders unless we are specifically instructed not to do so.
  • In the event that we are unable to supply the items ordered, we will notify you accordingly and retain the amount to offset with future orders.


Foreign Shipment

  • If shipped via Air Cargo, please provide specific shipping instruction including airport of destination, contact information, copies of your import permit, specific mailing labels and other applicable instructions where applicable.
  • All countries have specific import regulations on plants. Kindly check with your local Agricultural Authorities for specific instructions.
  • Should the import requirements deviate from our shipping and handling process, please advise us so we may react accordingly.


For more information, please feel free to Contact Us at ben@aaorchids.com & ruey@aaorchids.com

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